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Brittle Time

Her 88 year old bony legs sway over the cobblestone wall,
 where she sits waiting for her Ride. Her feet don't quite touch the ground.
      But Either Does Her Mind.
With her nylon jacket, patterned with geometric shapes.
 She's not your typical senior waiting for the bus.
Somedays, I'm destined to stop and chat for a minute,
but it's just a glimpse, as the taxi I'm in passes her by.
there's no time.
 And I wonder if her family, feels the time crunch as well. 
 Afterall, she is alone.
Once in awhile I'll catch her in the afternoon, lugging her groceries, 
I cringe, at the images that enter my mind,
her brittlebones crumble from the heaviness
of a gallon of whole milk and a dozen eggs. 
 She is 88yrs old, which seems far more than the number in which she weighs

Everymorning, I anticipate her bony legs swaying over that cobblestone,
with sunken cheekbones, Black Lycra Leggings, and her flashy 80's windjacket...
Eyelashes, pronounced with Mascara.... Waiting....For someone who has time...


Hey Sarah Palin

Writer's Block: The Beatles

There is no way, that any pop group come close to the Beatles. No Pop no longer has a core center to it, and now, pop is not formed by natural talent. It's man-made. Britney Spears, PussyCat Dolls, Danity Kane, These groups are money makers. It's disgusting.
There is no natural ability, but instead these girls were picked based on looks, then taught to dance, and to barely sing. Then they are thrown out on tour, where millions of 12 year old scream and cheer for them. There is no substance to Pop Groups anymore, there is nothing Genuine. When people think of POP, thoughts like blonde girls who can't sing come to mind. Pop is no longer taken seriously, and I think it has become a joke in today's society. When adults buy cd's or mp3's of these pop groups and singers, we call it a guilty pleasure. Think about it, these groups do not play instruments, nor do they write their own songs, everything is done for them. ALL they have to learn is to lip sync on stage, and a couple repetitive dance moves. 
Anyways, I will say that Britney Spears is my guilty pleasure not for her music, but due to the fact she's one crazy motherfucker. I like that about her.

Writer's Block: Personal Holidays

If I could creat a holiday, any Holiday, it would be called, AIG PAYBACK DAY, or we could call it WALLSTREET GET'S BEAT DAY..We would all get back all the money those greedy motherfuckers stole from us. We'd burn their houses, and turn them upside down until every stolen penny falls out of their GUCCI pockets....Then we'd set them up with the public housing authority, who would give them an apartment in the projects in the roughest part of Harlem. We'd make sure it was bedbug infested, rat infested, with no heat or water. These Corrupt Greedy Motherfuckers need to get a taste of what it's like living like many struggling American Citizens, the Citizens that they're taking money from to pay for luxurious trips and Vacations...This Holiday would happen once a year, to ensure us tax payers aren't getting taken for a ride.

Everyone go out and Vote! Well....Only if you are voting for Obama...Otherwise stay home, Mccain Sucks, he is as old as dirt, and he's just as corrupt as the shady motherfuckers on Wall Street.

Writer's Block: One Hit Wonder Day

Today's National One Hit Wonder Day. Whole albums or entire ouvres can be quite impressive, but more often than not, individual songs have the largest impact on us. Which one hit wonders have played a major role in your life?
First of all, most of you are answering with bands who are not in the category of one hit wonders so look up the definition in the dictionary. 311 is not a One Hit Wonder...

Just a Friend by Biz Markie

Nothing Compares 2 you-- Sinead O' Connor

Rump Shaker- Wreckz n Effect

I got a Man -Positive K

What's Going On- 4 NoN Blondes

Bitch-Meredith Brooks


Sex and Candy- Marcy Playground

Flagpole Sitta-Harvey Danger

Mamba no  5-  Lou Vega

Dazzey Duks-  Duice

These are all One Hit Wonders and we're all guilty of listening to them at one point or another, whether we ran to buy the cd, or we bopped our head to the beat while it played for the umpteenth time on the radio.

Poor Sara Goldfarb,

Requiem For A Dream, watched more than 4,000 times in about a the darkest 4 week span of my life, I kept it on repeat, in my one room apartment in the city. Whether coming back from a 3 day crack binge, with red eyes, crying, screaming, or jammed on Heroin and Content, this was always my background noise. The music a lux aeterna , it was the theme to my life at that time, as cheesy as it all sounds. I own the movie, uncut, and the edited version, I also own the book. However, I have seen enough of this movie to last me a lifetime, and I refuse to watch it, now, although will always be close to my heart. I don't regret anything I've done, I wouldn't be where I am in my life today, if I didn't have those crack attacks, or Overdoses, where I laid dead, for minutes at a time.

Self Evident Ani Fucking Difranco

Speaking of Lies, this poem/song, is the most powerful I've come across in this short life.....

Honesty is dead

It's seems lately that I come across so many humans that are nothing short of fake.
I open myself up, I'm a real girl, I have nothing to hide, and in turn I expect the same back. Nothing is genuine these days, people turn against you, when your not around, they make up nasty lies that benefit them without considering how potentially hurtful they could be. Whether earth shattering lies or petty white ones, they're toxic.
They are toxic to the ones they are about and they are toxic to the person telling them.
The truth has the ability to hurt as well, but the truth will set you free, I'd rather be damaged by truth, then be charmed with a lie.

Честность Мертва

Apr. 22nd, 2008

It always begins the same way it ends, You
see, I set myself up, up, up, just to fall harder, down,
down, down,
A day, a week, a month, goes by,
the thoughts aren't gone, the feelings don't die.
For that familiar sting, of a dull metal rig
that peirces the skin, as the rush sets in,
Blanketed with warmth, like when the sun hits your face,
for the first time that day.

Purging Princess.

So the other day, I bought Madeline (my daughter) the movie Enchanted. It's the half animated/half not Fairytale princess movie of today, it's like Cinderella updated. So as we settle down to watch it, I notice the animated princess looks emaciated. I thought I was just crazy so I got a picture of Cinderella and Giselle (the princess in Enchanted) side by side. Sure enough she is sickly thin. I was in disgust. Why...Maybe I'm just fuming over the 40 lbs I have put on, but then again I've never been one to feel disgust about anyone being too skinny, I think skinny is beautiful. Then again, I was angered because that is what my three year old daughter is going to be comparing herself to. As I was comparing myself to Cinderella at that age. Cinderella is a good size 9 I'd say. This Giselle character would be about a Double 0. It just infuriates me that 10 year old girls are starving themselves to portray what the media views as beautiful. I'm all for being in shape, it's another for one to puking up the brownies they just ate for desert. I hope this trend comes to an end relatively soon. Who knows, maybe all the skinny models will blow away when a gust of wind moves through a fashion show.
The role models these young girls have to choose from these days, are severely underweight, and if perhaps they do gain weight, they are on the covers of every magazine saying how fat they are. Back in the 50's a size 12 was considered beautiful. Marilyn Monroe was a size 12. Now it's Kate Moss, the coke queen herself. Who has to blow 4,234 lines of coke a day just to maintain the weight of a feather. I just want to shove a peice of cake down her throat.
The video below is what my daughter gets to look up to for role models. It's a sick world and it's time the stick figures of the world medicate with some cheesecake....